Clips from Bill Maher’s Real Time HBO show frequently make it onto Conservative media sites, in my case, I’ve see them on ConservativeVideos.com and also on TheBlaze.com. Recently the show has been getting attention with Bill Maher, rightfully, pointing out that it’s members of the Muslim faith that are the one’s committing all the recent Terrorist attacks.

On this weeks show there was a segment (link above), with a panel including Chris Matthews, Seth Rogen,  Chrystia Freeland and Roland Martin commenting on the Jonathan Gruber’s videos that have come to light, where he repeatedly mocks the “stupid voters” who accepted the lies that helped pass ObamaCare. The segment started off with Bill Maher showing clips where he repeatedly stated that American’s are indeed “stupid.” The laughing hyena group were in total agreement with him. Bill Maher also pointed out that among the “stupid” were Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert. What this “enlightened” group failed to grasp was that the bill was passed solely on votes by Democrats, in other words, the shows target audience. So who really are the “stupid” voters that fell for this sham??

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