*Please note I used the description of B-IN for Boehner as I’m not sure who she truly represents but the House leadership, it’s definitely not we the people

Dear Mrs. Walorski:

I want to express my extreme disappointment in your yes vote on the “CRomnibus” bill, before you left on your 3 week Christmas vacation. This bill authorizes over $1.1 trillion or over $1,100,000,000,000 of tax payers money to finance the government through the end of this fiscal year, September 2015. It was originally sent to Congress as a 1.603 page bill but then was amended with another 171 pages of pork projects making the total bill at 1,774 pages. This was presented to Congress on a Tuesday for a Thursday vote. I’m not sure if your staff employ’s speed readers but I suspect you had no idea what you were voting on. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

Not only does the bill include spending for the continued implementation of ObamaCare but it also includes the financing for the President’s unconstitutional action on illegal immigration.

Mrs. Walorski, when you were running for the House in 2012, you presented yourself as a true Tea Party Conservative willing to push back against the leadership of the party. After the election and in your first two years in office you have proven that is not the case, consistently voting with the party leaders.

While searching for a statement for why you voted for the CRominbus bill, I could find none. all your recent statements tout you support for Veterans, which is admirable, but I also recall that there were no such statements about Marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi, who spent 7 months jailed in a Mexican prison, suffering from the effects of PTSD, following his admirable service of two tours in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Walorski, I would like to ask, do you support we the people or Northern Indiana or will your allegiance be with supporting John Boehner and the House leadership?


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