Taya Kyle, wife of the American Sniper, Chris Kyle just released a new book American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal.”

American Wife

American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal

After reading her book and also being a big fan of Glenn Beck, Mercury One and The Blaze there is one section that especially touched me. The particular section I am referring to was in Chapter 5 “Despair” and under the subtitle “Charity” where she wrote:


Almost as soon as the news got out that he had been killed, people started raising money to support us. The size of the outpouring really hit home when Glenn Beck asked me to come into his studio to hear a tribute to Chris. Chris had been on the TV with Glenn when the book came out and took an instant liking to Glenn; the feeling turned out to be mutual. Glenn was genuinely moved (as we all were) by Chris’s death and shared his grief both privately with his family and publicly with his audience.
Glenn called me into the office and presented me with a beautiful wooden box. A SEAL Trident was emblazoned on the front. It opened up into a binder which contained letters that sent to Glenn’s Mercury One charity about Chris.
I looked at it and felt like crying. “I didn’t know what to say”

(Here’s where many of us fit in)

Then he gave me a check.
Tears slipped from my eyes. We went to the studio to thank the charity’s board; I chocked up.
“You’re giving me more than money,” I told them when I managed to steady my voice, “It’s the opportunity to collect myself and come from a position of strength.”

Glenn Beck

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