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Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know a gentleman named Jonathon Dunne. In brief, Jonathon is a resident and citizen of Ireland and his life long dream is to become a resident of America. You can read more about him on his about me section on his website freedomsdisciple.com. Jonathon understands and appreciates America’s history and founding principles better than most American that we encounter on a daily basis. Anytime I see or hear Jonathon I can run the full gamut of emotions from humble to inspired to shame that this has to come from someone living abroad.

The past two weeks Jonathon spent his vacation time in America including two stints with members of TheBlaze.com. Most of his first week was spent in New York including a ferry trip out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty chronicled by one of the editors of TheBlaze, Mike Opelka, in a story titled “Irishman Dreaming of Becoming an U.S. Citizen Offers Powerful Words to Americans.

The story included the following 4 minute video:

From New York he moved on to Dallas, speaking to several Tea Party/conservative groups. On Thursday January 21st he spent the morning at TheBlaze’s Dallas headquarters. He began the day sitting in with hosts Doc Thompson and Skip Lacombe on the Morning Blaze radio program. A section of his time on the program can be heard below.

You can listen to the entire show below, Jonathon Dunne is introduced following the 22 minute mark.

Following that Jonathon moved over to Glenn Beck’s studio to be interviewed on one of the nation’s most listened to nationally syndicated talk radio program:

Want to hear more from Jonathon Dunne? He does a weekly hour long podcast posted at noon eastern on TheBlaze Radio’s website.


Earlier today Jonathon wrote on his Facebook page about his safe arrival back in Ireland and a bit about his journey to America:

Back in Ireland…. It was a rough flight home and I now have a small chest infection (going from warm Texas 60’s weather to cold Irish 30’s killed me a little lol)…

I come back to Ireland with more love, respect and knowledge of America than before. I cannot wait to share some stories with you about my trip… However I am also more determined than ever. I am more determined than ever to get back there quickly on a full time basis to serve your people but also determined that FREEDOM & LOVE must win this war…

We need to change the agenda and start discussing real issues facing America & the world. If we continue to focus on politics, we will surely fail… but if we focus on solutions, I testify to you, things can and will get better. God Bless you. JD



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