The website Glassdoor Blog has released a survey titled “The Gender Pay Gap – Is it Real? New Survey Uncovers Employee Sentiments and Perceptions Across the Globe.” The sites self-description is: “The Glassdoor Team is a small yet seasoned group of individuals looking to provide greater transparency into one of the most important aspects of our lives – our jobs. Contributions to the blog are designed to present a unique perspective on current events, offer commentary on the inside workings on specific jobs at a multitude of companies, and provide details on the latest happenings from within Glassdoor.”

From their findings under the subtitle Most People Believe Men & Women are Paid Equally

In fact, 7 in 10 employed adults in seven countries believe men and women are paid equally for equal work at their employer. Women still feel the pinch more than their male counterparts: 70 percent of women believe that there is equal pay for equal work at their employer compared to 77 percent of men. However, with several research reports and studies out there pointing to evidence of pay gaps existing, this illustrates the fact that perception among employees likely doesn’t match up with reality, and that a disconnect persists.


The common refrain you’ll hear, mostly from Democrats, it that women make 77 (or 78 or 79) cents for every dollar that a man makes. This statistic comes from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) surveys that only gauge the total amount earned by gender without taking any variables into account. The bottom line is that this is all explained by societal norms in that women tend to be more family oriented and men tend to be more career oriented. It’s also true that men are more likely to work the more dangerous, thus higher paid jobs.

For a much better explanation that I could ever give I would you refer to the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell who discussed the topic in this Washington Examiner article “The ’77 percent’ statistical fraud on gender pay gap issue

For example, some women are mothers and some men are fathers. But does the fact that they are both parents make them comparable in the labor market? Actually the biggest disparity in incomes is between fathers and mothers. Nor is there anything mysterious about this, when you stop and think about it.

This begs the question, if most people don’t believe that men and women are paid differently based on their gender and, in fact, on an apple to apple comparison, they are not paid differently, how do Democratic politicians get away with constantly making that part of their talking points in their false claim that Republican’s are waging a war on women?

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