Clinton press conference

Recently I opined on why the media, especially from those that openly lean left, have suddenly become critical of Hillary Clinton in the wake of the discovery that she solely used a private email account during her term as Secretary of State after they have been so willing to excuse the transgressions of the Clinton family in the past and I asked for others opinions as to why they thought that was.

Here are the responses that I received:

From Brad in Keller, Texas

Here’s a third possibility, Overwhelm the system. Get all the dirt out there early without any detail so we can talk about the apperance of impropriety without any actual proof of wrong doing so that if any evidence come out later it will apear as old news and already vetted. This gives her cover in the future by being able to say that was a long time ago and we have already gone over these details.

From Pat in Rhodes, Michigan

I think the party knows that she is just one cover up after another. Think they are getting tired of dealing with Obama’s cover up’s and don’t want to deal with hers

From William in Grover Texas

It is Obama. There was an article I read telling of the animosity Barry has for the Clintons, a meeting at the white house where Bill Clinton was trying to help Obama and was talking to him, all the while Obama was playing on his blackberry like a petulant child.

While leaving Bill Clinton made a comment about hillary running, and her being the most qualified to run, and Obama told him the he and Michelle were thinking there was someone else just as qualified, but didn’t elaborate. The author of the article named that person as Elizabeth Warren.


Cartoon by Nate Beeler/Cagle Cartoons.

From Mary

I believe there has always been a little contention between the Clintons and the Obamas!

From Dick in San Francisco , California:

I think that the problem Hillary faces and will face is that shs is not someone whom people including the average voter like. Her actions and words convey a sense of entitlement which many will not feel comfortable with.

From Lou in Hudson, Florida:

I think the Obama Administration is behind this all, to take her out we still have almost 2 years of Obama what will America look like? Know it’s conspiratorial but, something is wrong the media is not sticking up for her like they usually have.. Who found out about the E-Mails i haven’t heard that?? I really could see Obama stepping in and saying Hmm no good candidates I will have to do my duty and run for another…….This man associates more with dictators then members of the free world he admires them i don’t trust him will we ever get rid of him!!

From Lauri in Cincinnati, Ohio:

I think they are tired of her and don’t like her shrillness. She is looking old, and there is starting to be too much for the media to have to cover. Even Democrats love the military and the Benghazi “What difference at this point does it make?” Comment will turn the stomach of many soldier-loving Dems.


Cartoon by Pat Bagley/Cagle Cartoons.

From Alisa in Brooksville, Florida:

I think the democrats want to support Elizabeth Warren.

From Wendy in Walkertown, North Carolina:

She’s escaped jail time since she lied during the Nixon administration. Just like Sharpton, she has enough dirt on everyone else to keep her from any accountability.

From Kent in Houston, Texas:

Nothing happens at the DNC without the White House knowing it. BHO does NOT like Bubba or Cankles…


Cartoon by John Darkow/Cagle Cartoons.

From Donna:

Libs want Warren/Sanders. Crazy.

From Stan and Tracy in Morrow Georgia:

No, the dems want to put all of the garbage out there so by the time of the debates they can say we have already addressed that issue, let’s move on!

Though Time claims it was unintentional, it’s gotten so bad for Hillary Clinton that people are noticing that she has sprung horns (look at the M) in their latest cover.

Clinton horns

On March 14th the New York Post posted a story from Edward Klein titled Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal stating that, working behind the scenes, the Obama’s top confidante Valerie Jarrett was the one that initiated this story. The article included this: “At Jarrett’s behest, the State Department was ordered to launch a series of investigations into Hillary’s conduct at Foggy Bottom, including the use of her expense account, the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation.” If this proves to be true a public feud between Team Obama and Team Clinton could prove to be very interesting.

You can read more of my thoughts at markEwatkins.com

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