It’s no secret that Indiana’s passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has become big news and needs a much longer post but I just wanted to address one small aspect that I am very close to and that’s the persecution of Memories Pizza.


This was ignited by a TV station barely a quarter of a mile from my home ABC57. Up until now I have been very supportive of them and have met a few of their employees. On their show last night they reported that they had gone to small town businesses in the area asking for their opinion on the signing of RFRA but locked on one business, Miracles Pizza and Ice Cream that agree with the passage. When asked if they would cater a gay sex wedding, because who doesn’t use a small town pizza parlor to cater their wedding and they said because of their Christian beliefs that they couldn’t. They went on to say that this has nothing to do with anyone who comes into their business.

You can see the full report here

And a follow up report here on the social media response that the station received on their sites.

Even before this happened I had written the following email to the station (no response received)

As a long time watcher and supporter of ABC57 News I want to register my disappointment in the stations coverage of the RFRA bill’s passage. Contrary to what you are portraying the Bill was not designed to be anti-gay but simply gives business owners a tool to use if they are forced to partake in an act that they feel violates their religious rights as well as their freedom of speech.

I am also extremely disappointed with the implication that there is a large contingency of bigoted Hoosiers hiding in the shadows waiting for an excuse to pounce. It has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of Hoosiers are decent hard-working people, I am sorry if that’s not what you have experienced.


Since then the pizza parlor has come under severe attack to where it has had to close, whether temporarily or permanently is yet to be determined. It has gained wide media attention with many of the headlines claiming that they are refusing to serve any gays, etc.

Their story led off Megyn Kelly’s show tonight. It was also featured on tonight’s Dana Loesch show where she announce a Go Fund me account that, as I’m writing this is nearing $30,000 for this family. You can check it out:

Support Memories Pizza

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