Right now Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I just wanted to make a personal post.

I live down the street from a local tv station ABC57 and over the years I’ve somewhat gotten to know some of the people who work there, including their head anchor but I have been totally dismayed at their one-sided reporting on this issue. Today I sent them the following email:

As a long time watcher and supporter of ABC57 News I want to register my disappointment in the stations coverage of the RFRA bill’s passage. Contrary to what you are portraying the Bill was not designed to be anti-gay but simply gives business owners a tool to use if they are forced to partake in an act that they feel violates their religious rights as well as their freedom of speech.

I am also extremely disappointed with the implication that there is a large contingency of bigoted Hoosiers hiding in the shadows waiting for an excuse to pounce. It has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of Hoosiers are decent hard-working people, I am sorry if that’s not what you have experienced.

Up to now I can’t really compare you coverage with what’s on the other stations a mistake on my part I intend to correct.

Mark Watkins

I do need to say that none of the legislatures who voted for this Bill are really making a strong defense.

I will update this if I get a response.

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