Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion:


I have generally avoided discussing Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign initially because I thought he would flame out quickly but lately it’s been because of the viciousness of his hard core supporters.

Look, I totally get it, but to suggest that if we don’t support Donald Trump it means that we support the status quo is truly insulting. I too hate that the establishment DC Republicans have continued to lie to us and to refuse to stand against the Obama Administration’s actions. I’ve seen their weak response to the Planned Parenthood videos and their refusal to take action to stop the government’s funding of that vile organization, to defund Obama’s Executive Amnesty, or to defund ObamaCare. The list could go on forever.

Red States Erick Erickson has written two columns on how the GOP is dying and how that has led to the rise of Donald Trump:

Republican Party, R.I.P. (1854 – 2016)

The repeated betrayals of Republican leaders have led to the rise of Donald Trump. The petulance of the party’s congressional leaders who have spent more energy fighting conservative attempts to hold them to their word than fighting Barack Obama now have to fight to wrest control from Trump. Trump, at least presently, is immune from establishment attacks because the party leaders have lost all their credibility. A party that will not stand up to stop tax payer funds going to an organization that pulls whole children out of freezers to sell as scrap is not a party with the moral clarity to tell Donald Trump he is fired.

The Beginning of the End

On Sunday, Douthat wrote, “In an unhealthy system, the kind I suspect we inhabit, the Republicans will find a way to crush Trump without adapting to his message. In which case the pressure the Donald has tapped will continue to build — and when it bursts, the G.O.P. as we know it may go with it.”


Instead of arguing I would like to list some of Obama’s traits and policies that I abhor:

  1. Considering himself above the law
  2. Not constrained by the Constitution
  3. Arrogant
  4. Narcissist
  5. Refusing to consider others stances
  6. Lofty rhetoric without giving specifics (Hope and Change)
  7. Ability to lie without hesitation or remorse
  8. Easily tells his supporters to punish his enemies
  9. Reveling in his divisiveness with no attempt at bringing the country together
  10. Ridiculing his opponents

I think you get the idea, these are all traits that Donald Trump has also exhibited. Trump is saying what you like to hear but at this time we really need someone to bring us all together, someone who can explain their policies in a way that all can understand that has everyone’s best interests at heart.

I completely understand the desire to act on Barack Obama’s actions with the equal and opposite reaction as being Donald Trump. However, I think that we have so many better options where we can get behind a strong Constitution loving President who can articulate his message in a way that will once again unite the country under the principles that it was founded on. Look at the Democrat’s options, they’re a mess.

A better reaction comes from Arthur C. Brooks latest book: “The Conservative Heart — How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.” In his book he explains the way to change the argument and explain how conservatives are the ones on the moral high ground.

The Conservative Heart

In Chapter 7 “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conservatives” Mr. Brooks lays out the footprint to do this:

  1. Be a moralist.
  2. Fight for people, not against things.
  3. Get Happy.
  4. Steal all the best arguments.
  5. Go where you’re not welcome.
  6. Say it in 30 seconds.
  7. Break your bad habits.

For that I offer the candidate who I think best fits that mold.

Brad Thor 2016


If it takes formally declaring my candidacy to get on stage to shred Trump, consider this my declaration. #Thor2016



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