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For the Trump supporters please read before you comment

First please try and set aside your anger while reading this and read with an open mind. Secondly if you have a problem with Ted Cruz’s speech please be specific in explaining why something that Ted Cruz caused you to take offense.

The full transcript here.

“If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.”

I would like to suggest two must reads from the morning following Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC convention:

Erick Erickson in The Resurgent: Mark 6:11

So in Cleveland now the Republican Party has its nominee. The GOP had one job this year and that was to beat Hillary Clinton. They have failed at that task. Trump will not beat Hillary Clinton and the very party leaders Trump’s supporters loathe will remain in their jobs come January helping Hillary Clinton orchestrate her inauguration. The Trump supporters have become the very Republican establishment they oppose and the very leaders of the party they hate will remain once Trump is gone. The GOP is now led by a Clinton donor and friend and party leaders bow before him pretending he is something other than what he is.

Now Leon Wolf in RedState: This is What Ted Cruz REALLY Proved Last Night

The time for focusing on beating Hillary has passed. That ship sailed when the party didn’t feel like defeating Trump was an important enough reason to unite behind Cruz (or someone else, I would have taken any of the other candidates, personally). Trump himself isn’t going to focus on it, and neither will his supporters. So why are you begging conservatives to join in the destruction of their own party?

And now back to Erick Erickson in The Resurgent: “Paul Manafort and Cheeto Jesus Plotted to Steal the Spotlight From Mike Pence

Multiple press outlets are confirming what I first reported from Cruz sources. Manafort did threaten Cruz that if he did not change his speech the crowd would boo. Cruz refused and Manafort organized delegates to boo Cruz. They booed before Cruz had even finished a sentence that might have included a endorsement.

Let that one sink in for a bit.

Let’s assemble some facts:

  1. Donald Trump invited Ted Cruz to speak at the RNC Convention with no pre-conditions of an endorsement
  2. In the days prior to his speech Ted Cruz told Donald Trump’s campaign team there would be no endorsement.
  3. Prior to the speech the text was provided to Donald Trump, his team and the RNC, no objections were raised.
  4. According to Erick Erickson above the blow back during Ted Cruz’s speech was instigated by Donald Trump’s campaign team.
  5. Donald Trump entered the arena during Ted Cruz’s speech thus stealing the spotlight.

Why would Donald Trump do this? In my opinion it was an example of just how vindictive of a person that he is. This being directed at Ted Cruz because he refused to bow down and kiss Trump’s ring. People should consider this, in the following hour the speeches included Trump’s son Eric Trump and his Vice Presidential pick Mike Pence but following the vitriol directed at Ted Cruz there was no media attention on their speeches and what should be positives on Trump’s campaign moving forward.

Donald Trump couldn’t even let it end there. On the Friday following the convention he conducted a news conference to discuss the convention and thank his supporters and the workers who put on the convention but he again felt the need to attack Ted Cruz beginning at the 13:50 mark and lasting about 2 minutes and then again at the 18:35 mark for another 6 minutes where Trump said he would refuse Ted Cruz’s endorsement if offered and bizarrely brought back the claim that Ted Cruz’s dad, Rafael, was somehow involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

On a personal note the news conference was made even more painful for me watching my Governor standing there behind Donald Trump nodding and giggling his approval. This came after Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz in the Indiana primary.

Finally I would suggest that anyone who objected to Ted Cruz telling people that they should “vote their conscience” and felt that it was a dig on Donald Trump you might want to so some self reflection on yourself and your candidate of choice.

#NeverTrump #NeverClinton #AlwaysConstitution

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