Dallas Memorial

Following the tragic event where a deranged killer opened fire in Dallas on police officers that were safeguarding a march that was protesting the police, the lunatic ended up killing 5 and wounding 7 other officers, it was announced that Barack Obama would travel to Dallas to speak at a Memorial set up to honor those fallen heroes. I was personally disappointed to learn of this considering Mr. Obama’s past criticisms of the police, his defense of the Black Life Matter movement and his rush to judgement following police shootings that involved blacks.

That said and knowing my personal bias I chose not to watch the Memorial, admittedly I did briefly check in only to hear the president mention the police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue and I quickly choose to turn it back off and read about the speech later.

The following morning as I was reading and watching various discussions on Obama’s words there was one statement really caught my attention:

“We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book”

Those words strung together in that manner made absolutely no sense to me. How can you offer a rebuttal to that? Is there any context or facts to back that up? How do you even check into a claim like that?

After hearing about the claim that it’s easier to obtain guns than books I took to Facebook to share my thoughts:

I am absolutely sick and tired of people, like the guys at Red State and the Daily Caller, calling out the president for saying it’s easier to get a gun than a book. From my experience yesterday I can say the president absolutely knows what he’s talking about.

I went to the library and I was forced to present my id (library card), to originally obtain that id (library card) I was subjected to an extensive background check (show a driver’s license and a bill or statement to prove my address) in order to take books with me when I left. Worse there are some times when a guard might be stationed by the door (or sometimes talking to the librarian and/or other patrons) to make sure I comply. There is also the alarm that will sound if I try to leave without following these strict rules by checking out my books properly.


Then on the way home I stopped for a Big Gulp at the 7-11 and while there I checked out the gun aisle. It’s pretty well known (if you listen to Chicago politicians and the president who previously lived in Chicago) that all the gun violence in Chicago is due to the ease of getting guns in my northern Indiana. I was considering a new AR15 to add to my collection but then I heard they might have a BOGO sale next week. While I was there I saw someone pick up 10 handguns of various varieties from the dollar shelf. He walked right up to the cashier plopped down his $10.70 (yes I agree with you, how dare Indiana call for a sales tax on guns) and walk out.


I considered reporting the guy I saw slipping the machine gun down his pants but I figured with no guard or alarm that sounds when the security tag wasn’t removed  the store had it coming plus I was worried that I might get gunned down for snitching.

Included in the comments that I received were praise for the words spoken by President Bush at the Memorial and after watching I have to state my agreement. You can watch President Bush here.

For another take on Obama’s remarks at the Memorial I recommend Ben Shapiro writing in the Daily Signal: “7 Disgusting Things Obama Said While Hijacking Memorial For Slain Dallas Police.”

As further proof of how tough the rules are when checking out books at the library I present Mr. Bookman of Seinfeld fame:

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