On Sunday night Americans were besieged with the news of the great tragedy of a gunman opening fire at a country music concert in Las Vegas, attended by over 20,000 people, just seeking a good time and an escape from the day to day pressures. The result was 59 killed and over 500 wounded and injured. At this time there is not even a hint at what might have motivated this deranged individual.

As always seems to be the case the left immediately jumped on the tragedy, trying not to being overly crude it’s almost like there is some sexual arousal involved, or, as Rahm Emanuel infamously stated, “to never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

It matters not that any of their ideas wouldn’t have made any difference to what took place, bringing up the same tired old claims about the mythical gun show loophole and the falsehood that allowing many of those on SSI to possess firearms equals allowing the mentally ill to possess firearms. Strangely Hillary Clinton brought up what she called gun silencers (actually suppressors) picked up by several others only to display their lack of knowledge on the subject of the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 that was being considered by Congress. Not to worry the spineless Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, was quick to announce that no vote was imminent.

Locally South Bend’s Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, felt the need to jump into the fray, tweeting out:

Mayor Buttigieg is a a lieutenant in the Naval Reserve serving as an Intelligence Officer and was deployed for 7 months to Afghanistan in 2009.

He also offered the following Tweets:

And later the previously mentioned repeal of the ban on some of those that receive SSI

I understand that most reading this have never heard of Pete Buttigieg but he could well hold a prominent place in the future of the Democratic Party. He has been favorably featured is such publications as the Washington Post, The York Times as well as other national mediums. In fact, earlier this year, he was being highly considered for the DNC chairmanship, touted as compromise candidate in the battle between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison before dropping out of the race shortly before the final vote, clearing the way for Tom Perez to become chairman.

What I find most concerning about Mayor Buttigieg is that while he holds the ideals of the far left of the Democratic party, including restrictions on the Second Amendment, as demonstrated above, and restrictions on the First Amendment particularity religious freedom, he is able to present his ideas in a more positive, less bitter manner that so much of the Democratic leadership and pundits are capable of displaying.

To that end I submitted the following rebuttal to Mayor Buttigieg for inclusion in our local paper’s, the South Bend Tribune, Voice of the People:

Like so many others I awoke Monday morning to the news of the horrific shooting that occurred at a country music concert in Las Vegas. As with happens in so many of these tragedies the leftest Democrats didn’t bother waiting for any of the facts to come in before they stood on the backs of the dead to gain political points.


South Bend’s own Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, was quick to join in the chorus. At 10:45 he Tweeted out “I did not carry an assault weapon around a foreign country so I could come home and see them used to massacre my countrymen.” Keep in mind that this was less than 10 hours after the shooting before even the most basic of details were known including the identity of the shooter, the number killed or wounded much less the type of weapon used.


Mayor Buttigieg offered a follow-up Tweet: “If this came out wrong, forgive me. Just expressing one war vet’s hurt at seeing weapons of war used on peaceful Americans here at home.” Seeking more political points on his military service but seemingly ignorant of the fact that “weapons of war” require extraordinary requirements to purchase not possible by the general public.


Mark Watkins

South Bend, IN 46635

Keep in mind that letters are restricted to a maximum words.

For a little red meat I hope you will enjoy this video by Steven Crowder debunking the new conscience of the left and former comedian, Jimmy Kimmel’s self serving monologue calling for more gun control.

I would encourage everyone to stay strong in their beliefs, retain the moral high ground and continue to pray for those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas as well as those that are recovering from the trio of recent hurricanes.

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