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(from left) Austin Petersen, John McAfee, and Gary Johnson

“If Trump and Hillary wins I’ll the only Pro-Life, pro-Constitution candidate on the ballot” — Austin Petersen

I keep hoping I’ll wake up from this nightmare, the current leading Presidential candidates are the Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is currently being investigated by the FBI and, if she had a different last name, would be worrying about very serious charges for her use of a private, non-secured Email server to conduct government business that included classified material and the Republican Donald Trump who claims to be anti-establishment but has made serious campaign contributions to the “establishment” including both Democrats and Republicans.

I can vote for neither as this year as I have vowed to vote only for a candidate that I believe supports my values as a Constitutional conservative.

Friday, March 25th, Mike Opelka was filling in for Buck Sexton on TheBlaze Radio network when he got a call from Austin Petersen who is competing with Gary Johnson to be the candidate from the Libertarian party. Mr. Petersen stated that “if Trump and Hillary wins I’ll the only Pro-Life, pro-Constitution candidate on the ballot”

This led me to look further into Austin Petersen, here’s some basics:

  1. Website: http://austinpetersen2016.com/
  2. Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ProducerPetersen
  3. Twitter handle:  https://twitter.com/ap4lp
  4. Founder and CEO of Stonegait, LLC (2014-present). Self described as “provides consulting, production, technology, creative design and publishing services to a wide variety of clients”
  5. Resident of Missouri
  6. Former Director of Production at FreedomWorks
  7. No previous political office held

During his call in Mr. Petersen said that he was in Oregon for a debate that night with his opponent Gary Johnson which can be seen below.

Image Fox Business News

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