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Last week, following SiriusXM’s week long suspension of the Glenn Beck Show I wrote to Glenn Beck friend and Donald Trump supporter, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, asking what his stance would be if Donald Trump were elected and he sought to censure critics. such as Glenn Beck. given Donald Trump’s statement that under his Administration he would “open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles we can sue them and win lots of money.’’

On June 14th Rabbi Lapin answered, you may read his reply at the bottom of my post.

Original Post:

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has been a long time supporter of Donald Trump to be our next President. On May 20th he was on Glenn Beck’s radio show to explain why:

As a regular listener of Rabbi Lapin’s podcasts, this was not new news to me. In lieu of that I sent him the following email:

Rabbi Lapin;

I listen to and and enjoy your weekly podcasts on TheBlaze Radio. You have made it very clear that you fully support Donald Trump to be our next President, a decision that I vehemently disagree with and I truly wish that you would refrain from browbeating those that oppose this position.

Since I don’t believe that either one of us is going to change our views on this, I don’t feel any need to argue the pros and cons of our position but I do want to pose a question for you. To put it succinctly it’s the “will it matter” question.

Let me explain, the Clintons and their supporters have very successfully used what I call the “does it matter” technique. From the Monica Lewinsky affair it goes like this, “he didn’t have ‘sexual relations’ with that woman.” “Yes he did.” “No he didn’t…” When it became evident that Bill Clinton did have “sexual relations with that woman” they change the argument to “Yes he did but it didn’t matter.” “Yes it did matter.” “No it didn’t…” Eventually everyone tires of the argument and the Clintons escape unharmed. This strategy is now being employed with Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server.

This brings me to the present. You may know that SiriusXM took Glenn Beck’s show off their programming last week over something an interviewee (Brad Thor) had said on one of Glenn’s programs. I found their reasoning very questionable and overall it was meaningless as it was a holiday shortened week and Glenn and his team were on a pre-scheduled vacation. Ultimately I feel it was SiriusXM’s mission to send Glenn a message to stop being a vocal critic of Donald Trump.

While I’m in no way accusing Donald Trump of being behind this I am almost 100% convinced that it was instigated by one of his main supporters. I wrote about this in a column I wrote: “Who’s behind Glenn Beck’s Suspension on SiriusXM?”

This brings me back to my original question, if Donald Trump is elected to be our next President ‘will it matter’ to you if he lashes out at his opponents including trying to have Glenn Beck taken off the air?


Mark Watkins

Glenn Beck addressed the suspension on his first show after their vacation:

Rabbi Lapin’s response:

Dear Mark

I appreciate your intellectual honesty and am happy you’re a listener. Thanks for that.

My response to your hypothetical is that it is a hypothetical. Should Trump win and become a tyrant, I’ll apologize for being wrong.  But whether Trump will become a tyrant is a complete unknown other than to prophets and I don’t know any of those anymore.

However what Hillary will do doesn’t require a prophet.

That is the crux of my position.




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2 thoughts on “My question to Rabbi Daniel Lapin, will it matter? Rabbi Lapin’s reply.

  1. There comes a time when. each one of us is called to stand firm on our principles. The time for me is now. Neither Hillary or Trump are principled candidates for President; they both lie, both are self serving, both have made shady deals, both will say what they think will get them elected. Now they tell me I must vote for Trump or Hillary will be President. I will vote for neither which means they get a zero vote and neither will benefit. Since I am just passing through my journey on earth I will stand on my walk with Jesus and not surccumb to harassment from either side.


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