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On Sunday June 26th my local South Bend Tribune ran the editorial “Our Opinion: Extraordinary events, but the same old story on gun control:

“The past two weeks have been unprecedented in Congress on the issue of gun control, marked by a nearly 15-hour Senate filibuster on June 15 that led to votes in that chamber on four separate bills. Over in the House, Democrats, led by civil rights icon John Lewis, staged a sit-in that ended Thursday, demanding a vote on gun control legislation.”


“Seriously, there isn’t common agreement on the basic notion that those prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft shouldn’t be able to purchase a firearm? The Democratic bill would have banned people on the government’s no-fly list from purchasing a gun in the U.S. A Republican version would have allowed the government to delay a gun sale to a suspected terrorist for 72 hours and required prosecutors to then go to court to permanently block the sale.”


This isn’t about taking away guns or tearing up the Second Amendment, despite what some alarmists say as a scare tactic. The measures being discussed are reasonable steps — not big steps, but they’d be a start.

There have also been several letters to the South Bend Tribune’s voice of the people sending out a call for more gun control.

Recently the Democratic candidate running for the House in Indiana’s Second District expressed many of the same sentiments and stating that if he had been in Congress that he would have joined the fund raising/publicity stunt by the Democrats that shut down the House.


Gary Varvel

The following is my response also submitted to South Bend Tribune’s Voice of the People. Keep in mind that letters are restricted to two hundred words so I chose to address the calls for denying a citizen’s right to bear arms simply because they are placed on the “No Fly List.”

Sunday’s editorial was dedicated to the subject of gun control, coming on the heels of the Democratic candidate for the House’s Second District, Lynn Coleman, stating that if in Congress, he would have participated in the Democrats sit in/publicity stunt/fundraiser seeking to restrict a citizen’s right to bear arms.


The amount of misinformation has been staggering but a common theme is to call for citizens to be denied the ability to purchase a firearm because they somehow landed on the TSA’s No Fly List. So let me offer a brief summary of what that means:


A person listed on an arbitrary government list with no stated criteria for being added. A list they won’t know they’re on until they attempt to fly. A list they landed on for no reason they can ascertain and a list that will take an inordinate amount of time to be removed from. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


An ultimate irony is that Congressman John Lewis, who is leading the call for this inclusion, once spent five years on the No Fly List.


Something I wish those calling for a gun ban for someone listed on the governments No Fly List would feel the same under a Donald Trump Administration?


Mark Watkins

South Bend, Indiana 46635

I understand that it gets tedious making the same arguments over and over again but we have to understand that the progressive left are relentless and we must stay ever vigilant in defending our rights.

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